Mile-by-Mile Competition Boosts Oregon Shores

CoastWatch Mile 9.\Photo by David Grimes.

By way of honoring our 50th anniversary and laying the groundwork for the next 50 years, we’ve launched a special fund-raising campaign, pegged to our signature CoastWatch program.  We now have a special place on our website devoted to this campaign:

As you will note if you visit the map showing the location of miles and the donations to date, many miles have already been designated by donors and now have a headstart in the contest.  Mile 194 recently surged into the lead, thanks to a $4,194 contribution from current board member Christine DeMoll.  She made her gift in honor of the late Charlotte Mills, an Oregon Shores board member who played a leading role in our successful effort to preserve the clifftop public right-of-way on that mile which became the 804 Trail.  Miles 147 and 21 are following close behind in the contest at the moment.

There is plenty of time for generous, competitive donors to catch these these miles and their totals.  But this is not the only way for a mile to win.  There will also be awards for the mile designated by the largest number of donors, and for the mile chosen by the most new Oregon Shores members or new CoastWatch mile adopters.

To participate this year, when you contribute to Oregon Shores, regardless of the amount, designate a CoastWatch mile to be honored by your gift.  You don’t need to be a CoastWatcher to do this; a CoastWatch mile can simply be a way of identifying your favorite stretch of shoreline.  If you don’t know where CoastWatch miles are located in relation to your favorite stretch of shoreline, see the Tour of the Miles feature on the website,

If you donate via the website, you will find a place to indicate the mile you wish to honor.  (You will see this after you begin to make a donation; a box where you can indicate the mile number will appear before final checkout.)  If contributing by check, indicate this in the memo line, or add a note with the check.

If you have already donated this year, before the contest started or having overlooked it at the time, your contribution needn't be left out of the competition.  Send a message to to let us know what mile you choose, and we’ll see that your earlier contribution is tallied.

Of course, your favorite coastal area may straddle two CoastWatch miles, or encompass several.  You will need to choose with any one donation.  Our hope is that you will consider multiple donations during the course of the year to keep each favorite shoreline segment in the race.

We’ve set up this popularity contest among CoastWatch miles to have some fun by sparking a spirit of friendly competition.  The very serious purpose, however, is to help us prepare for major challenges we know are coming by enhancing and expanding our programs to better address critical conservation needs.

At the end of the year, there will be a treat for all the donors to the winning mile—but it is mostly for the glory, plus the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to support protection of that mile and all Oregon coast miles on into the future.