Marine Conservation

Deeper dives into marine conservation topics

Research diver in Cascade Head Marine Reserve.  Photo courtesy of ODFW.
Research diver in Cascade Head Marine Reserve. Photo courtesy of ODFW.

The Ocean Program Overview lays out our overall vision for ocean conservation; here we present some specific marine conservation topics in more detail.

  • Oregon Rocky Shores Strategy.  In 2015 we launched a new effort to reinvigorate Oregon's Rocky Shores Strategy, a key part of our state's Territorial Sea Plan.  Read more about ongoing efforts to manage and protect our rocky shoreline habitats.
  • Ocean Policy Advisory Council. This stakeholder advisory group provides recommendations to the Governor and state agencies about ocean policy. Robin Hartmann of Oregon Shores serves as a member of the council.
  • Ocean Science Trust. Oregon's Ocean Science Trust was established by the legislature in 2013 to enhance research on ocean and coastal resources, but has so far been provided with almost no funding or staff support to accomplish its mission. Learn more.
  • Marine Reserves. In 2013 Oregon began designating a system of marine reserves and marine protected areas to serve as refuges for fish and other marine life and thus to help ensure biological productivity of the entire coastal region. Learn more.
  • Marine Renewable EnergyOregon is one of the best places in the world to develop renewable energy technologies using the power of the ocean, but there are no easy answers. Learn more.